Sex and Intimacy Coaching for Couples

If you are reading this page you are most probably looking for someone to help and guide you and your partner to a more connected, loving, intimate and sexy place in your marriage or relationship.

I needed me. 10 years ago as the demands of a busy life with 3 young children took its toll on myself and my husband, I started looking for someone who could help us re-find each other, connect again and grow our relationship into a loving, safe container for each of us and our children.

Sadly I didn’t find anyone who works as I now do. I wanted someone to help us with our relationship AND get our sex life back on track. We had become so disconnected from our joyous early years and more than anything in the world I wanted the excitement and intimacy of sex with my man.  Failing to find the support I needed I sank into a deep depression and our marriage just fizzled out. We are both really good people, we share similar values, we loved and supported each other (we still do) and when we were younger we had incredible sex; but we lacked the support and the tools to make our marriage work.

From the low point of a failed marriage and desperate loneliness. I embarked on my mission to find a way back to pleasure, sex and intimacy.

What is Couples Sex Coaching all About?

I coach from the heart using an impressive array of powerful tools from both NLP and tantra worlds.


I am passionate about pleasure!

Sexual pleasure – Sensual pleasure – Intimate pleasure – Playful pleasure
Wild pleasure – Loving pleasure

Losing intimacy in our relationships is a dull pain. It happens gradually over time; we may be made aware of how disconnected we have become through a crisis like an affair, but very often we just muddle through. Endurance is often the answer given by long-married people when asked for the secret of their success. Ouch! There is so much pain behind the word “endurance”. How can your life be vibrant, alive, thriving, HAPPY, if you are simply enduring it? Endure is what you do when you lose intimacy in your relationship when you have stopped feeling human. Human beings are not robots, we are built for touch and yet many, many of us live lives without any meaningful touch in them. Instead, we are lonely. Empty. Depressed. We seek solace in food, alcohol, shopping, TV, cigarettes, drugs (both prescription and recreational), affairs, porn….we all have our own means of numbing the pain of our lonely, isolated lives and I will not judge any of them, they are merely the tools most of us have at our disposal.

But, I have found other tools. Tools that can bring intimacy, connection, touch and sex back into our lives. Intimacy in a relationship is like water for a garden: when you take the time to water your garden daily it thrives; the same is true for your relationship when you take the time to be intimate every day. Intimacy transforms your relationship into a safe space for each other for healing, communication and growth. Intimacy removes blocks to love and allows it to flow between both of you and out from you to your family, friends and the people in your lives. With intimacy, you are both made to feel safe, to feel loved and that you belong; all fundamental human needs.

How Do I Work – What is the process?

Couples find me because they are lacking something in their sex lives and intimate relationships.

So much really good information about sex is now available to us on the internet, in books, in magazines, from friends; but despite being awash with information we continue to live disconnected lives with our partners.  We don’t put into practice all that we read and hear about. Why???  Because it’s not easy striking up the conversation and talking about things that we are conditioned not to talk about. It makes us feel very vulnerable and deeply uncomfortable. In addition, sex is something we are supposed to just know, we aren’t meant to need to learn about sex, so discussing it and learning about it with our partners means something is wrong with us….surely? Hogwash!! That’s just more social conditioning! Sex is natural (unlike driving a car) but learning about and exploring your sexuality is an investment in your mental and physical health as well as in your relationship. In my role as a sex and intimacy coach, I create a safe, non-judgmental, held space for you as a couple to explore and share your ideas, learnings, thoughts, fantasies and desires for sex and intimacy in your life. I have some expertise I can bring to the table, but most of what you need to know is already within yourself and your partner, I facilitate you accessing it.

And I go deeper than teaching you about your body and various techniques for pleasure. I work to remove the blocks that you have as a couple and as individuals to sex and intimacy. Humans are deeply conditioned from the moment they are born into the society in which they live. If you doubt this, just take a moment to think about the social values & beliefs around sex that you hold (“women with multiple partners are sluts”, “women go off sex as they get older”, “men want sex, women want love”… name but a few). I help you identify, examine and challenge these beliefs. At the end of the day, you can believe what you like as long as it is of service to you, but my observation is that a great many of our beliefs do not serve us at all, especially when it comes to having a healthy sex life. And humans are also designed for pleasure, our bodies are bursting with erogenous zones! With time, communication, connection, curiosity, openness and awareness every one has the power in their fingertips to bring their partner alive and to live a very full, vibrant, thriving life.

As a couples sex and intimacy coach, I help and guide my clients towards what they desire. I help identify what it is they truly want and then work with them to help them achieve this. It sounds simple! It is. Because the answers are all there, you have them in you, you just need help in teasing them out.

And I don’t just teach about sex and intimacy! I help the couples I work with to develop the “Three Cs” as a solid foundation for their relationship: Clarity, Communication and Connection. You need sex and or intimacy in a relationship to maintain your connection, and you need a good relationship to maintain sex and intimacy; so I coach both! Key to building a strong relationship is having clarity on what each person wants, needs, yearns for and desires and learning positive communication skills fosters understanding and creates a safe environment to feel sexy in. And both the lubricant and the reward for clarity and good communication is connection; emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual.

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I know that taking the first step towards reaching out for coaching is not easy, I know this because I have been there! There is an intense vulnerability first in admitting that coaching might help (i.e. that you need help) and then there is the fear of opening up and sharing with a stranger.

Let me reassure you that I am un-shockable! I will not judge you, I am not in a position to judge anyone.  I sincerely believe that one of the most powerful tools I have in my toolkit is kindness. Kindness to my core. Drop me a line with your questions today.

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