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A Unique Style of Sex and Intimacy Coaching

Welcome to Camilla Constance Sex and Intimacy coaching. I want to show you how to release your full potential for pleasure.

I was raised to see pleasure as an optional extra in life and for years I lived this way. Drained, grey, lifeless, industrious, tired; I gave my all to my employers, my children, my community, saved nothing for myself and very little for my husband.

I believed that the joy of sexual pleasure was something we experienced for a few intense but fleeting years in our youth and then it was our duty to settle down, buckle up and crack on with the hard reality and monotony of life. I became very overweight as I ate and drank to numb a pain I could not name or understand.

THEN I stumbled into the delightful world of Tantra. Here I learned new pathways to pleasure. I re-wired my brain on the role of pleasure in life: far from being an optional extra for the lucky few; it’s the bedrock, an essential foundation, for a healthy, happy, balanced, well adjusted, meaningful life. And now, a few years later, I find myself an advocate for pleasure!

That’s what I am here for, to guide you on your own personal journey, as an individual or a couple, back to your FULL pleasure potential.

Like me, most people I come across, have strong, tried and tested reasons (excuses) to explain away their pleasure-less existence. See if any of this sounds like you. CLICK HERE

Your Body Is Designed for Pleasure

Every human being has a limitless supply of pleasure, sensation and feeling locked inside of their bodies. And with some training, everyone can release their full pleasure potential.


I am passionate about pleasure!

Sexual pleasure – Sensual pleasure – Intimate pleasure – Playful pleasure
Wild pleasure – Loving pleasure


WOW!! Yup!! Change the way you think about your body, about sex, about your partner and you WILL change the way you experience sex and sexual pleasure. It sounds easy, right? Well, it can be. And it can also be a challenging process because we all carry a lot of very negative social conditioning about sex and our own personal trauma stored inside our bodies. If you choose me for your Sex and Intimacy coaching, I will gently guide you to the discovery that connected pleasure is an infinite pleasure.

You need to have a “feel” for me, a sense of who I am and how I work before you will want to take the step of booking a series of sessions with me, so that’s why I encourage you to email me to get our conversation started. sex-and-intimacy-coachingI am very happy to respond to any of your questions. I do hope you will also want to subscribe to my email list, follow my links to my Youtube channel or connect with me on FaceBook so you can learn a bit more about me and benefit from some awesome free material which will be transformative in its own right!

I am truly passionate about pleasure.

I am truly passionate about the potential you have in your body and life to experience pleasure.

And I am truly passionate about you; your potential as a human being on this planet right now in this lifetime.


Certified Tantric Coach

” I have trained with the very best and can help change your life forever…experience more epic sex and legendary love than ever before. Tantric Sex Coaching for couples is a speciality.

A little bit about me…


As a Sex and Intimacy Coach in most situations, I work hands off, i.e. not in the bedroom! People have the perception that a sex coach is present in the room with them, and whilst I am comfortable with that and do sometimes work in this way, it’s not what all clients want, need or feel comfortable with.

My foundational principle is inspired by Maya Angelo who said, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”I have been on a decade-long journey of self-exploration and discovery. In this time I have become a Master Hypnotherapist, a Master NLP Practitioner and an integrated Sex, Love and Relationship coach.

What my clients have to say about me

Thank you so much for today. You helped both of us tremendously. On the way home, Paul said he was very happy with everything and had felt really comfortable with you. He is very excited that I have learned how to give a proper blow job! But better than that, I really enjoyed doing it and am actually looking forward to putting it into practice at home. Previously I was really squeamish about it, but now I think it will be enjoyable and a very good way to show Paul that I love him. Camilla, you’re amazing. Thank you for giving so much of your energy to help us.

Working with Camilla is such a powerful and awesome experience. I had an amazing time discovering myself with her and finding keys to my happiness. She has a wonderful presence and gives great practices to find empowerment, to face your fears and to go towards your goal. She helped me become a better man, a freer artist, to reconnect and to love my inner self and ultimately to become the best version of myself during a difficult time of my life. I believe that she can help anyone to achieve anything. Thank you for everything Camilla !

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I know that taking the first step towards reaching out for coaching is not easy, I know this because I have been there! There is an intense vulnerability first in admitting that coaching might help (i.e. that you need help) and then there is the fear of opening up and sharing with a stranger.

Let me reassure you that I am un-shockable! I will not judge you, I am not in a position to judge anyone.  I sincerely believe that one of the most powerful tools I have in my toolkit is kindness. Kindness to my core. Drop me a line with your questions today.

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